Professional or Enterprise?

With a focus on response analysis, CharityeMail is great for the marketeer/fundraiser who wants detailed information about the behaviour of each individual recipient.

Known in the trade for its easy and intuitive to use system, it features drag and drop template design that gives total point-and-click flexibility.

CharityeMail is far cheaper than paying for an externally managed solution – but gives you all the associated benefits at your fingertips. It is a huge step up from the limited analytic and design functionality of standard email broadcasting systems.

CharityeMail comes in a choice of two packages with differing features, to ensure you get the solution that fits your exact needs.

Data management Professional Enterprise
Number of contact records in database Unlimited Unlimited
Historical access to reports and campaigns – number of months stored 24 60
Automatic bounce handling
Data cleanse and de dupe on upload
Amend contact details on-screen, or re-import to refresh the data
Advanced ‘sign-up form’ feature – Create advanced web sign-up forms at the click of a mouse to opt contacts into multiple address books and to collect/append valuable additional data fields
Suppression list management – bulk import all unsubscribes
Number of mailing lists / address books Unlimited Unlimited
Number of customisable data fields (in addition to five default variables) 10 400
Custom adjustable hard and soft bounce management thresholds
Mappable data, on import
Data integrity scoring
Domain suppression
Export soft and hard bounces and unsubscribes by date range, campaign or total amount
API to connect dotMailer to your back-end data system, including third party app integration with
Program Builder
One-click integration with SalesForce
Third Party App integration, allowing you to use dotMailer within a third party platform
Segmentation Data Query Builder (including queries by contact history data)
Geomap segmentation

Test Professional Enterprise
Free, unlimited test sends
Inbox Preview (usage charge applies)
Multiple subject line split testing
Email content split testing
‘Friendly from address’ split testing

Reporting Professional Enterprise
Graphical representations of your results
Delivered and open rates
Links clicked – by link name and URL
Bounces and unsubscribes
Drill down to individual recipients
Overlay, hotspot report
Print out board room ready reports
Unlimited export of the reporting stats
Generate “Hot Prospects” reports to further target your lists
Filter results by Link Name to generate follow-up campaign lists
Social network bookmark views
One-click Google Analytics tracking code tool
Schedule report update, emailed to up to five colleagues per campaign
Automatic list/address book generation from reports,  for follow-up campaigns based on filtered results
Website page and path tracking
ROI tracking from email to website conversion, by numerical and alpha codes
Compare reports from different campaigns
Report by top 10 domains
Reports Filter all reports by address book, segmentation filter or dynamic content
Contact history reporting
Geomap of results

Support Professional Enterprise
Online FAQ and help
Free unlimited email support
Free telephone support
Dedicated Account Manager who knows your business

Account management Professional Enterprise
Number of licensed users 10 Unlimited
User permissions management
Hierarchical Parent and Child accounts (Chargeable per Child Account)