General tips and advice

1. Ensure your CharityeMail user name and password are secure.
Your CharityeMail account holds valuable customer data and you need to be sure that access to your account is secure.

If you chose a username and password when you set up your initial free trial you may want to review your password to make sure it isn’t something that could be easily guessed. Your password should be unique to you and only known to those to whom you have granted access to your account.

If you want to change your password, simply click on the My Account icon at the top right hand corner of the CharityeMail interface screen, and choose the Change Password tab.


2. Testing an unsubscribe link
Be sure not to try to test an unsubscribe link by including yourself in a live test send and unsubscribing, as this will add your email address to the suppression file and you will not be able to receive future live sends from your account.