Loading data is easy with CharityeMail

You can load mailing lists and data straight into dotmailer in seconds.

Then access it, and use it, sooner than you think. Start to understand what your customers want, what they buy – and what they don’t – by using the data in a smarter, more focused way. Plus, you can start improving your open rates and ROI.

Our drag & drop query builder makes simple and complex targeting quick and easy. Pre-built queries mean you don’t waste any further time. Once you’ve created a data segment, dotmailer will automatically update it every time a new contact matching that profile is added. That means you don’t have to spend time rewriting and re-running queries – they’ll always be kept up-to-date.

That’s how we make accessing and using customer’s data simpler.

The tools that make importing easy

Importing data

You can load mailing lists and data straight into dotmailer, all in a matter of clicks. Then access it, and use it, sooner than you think.

Sign up form wizard

SignupAutomatically create a webform script so you can capture your website visitors’ details straight into your email list, quickly and easily.

Integrating dataIntegrate

Greater marketing automation and increased efficiency are just some of the benefits you enjoy with our seamless integrations.