Growing your data can help grow your business

Our technology protects your reputation and improves delivery rates.

We give you access to up to 400 data fields that capture various attributes about your customers, which means you can segment them better, understand them better, and sell to them better than ever before. You can also upload your own suppression files into the platform in a matter of clicks. Undelivered emails (‘bounce-backs’) are dealt with automatically. You can set thresholds for the number of times dotmailer tries to re-send bounced email, before it unsubscribes them.

When it comes to protecting your online reputation, our reputation is on the line as well. With all these tools at hand, we think we’ve delivered.

Smarter tools to enhance your data

Grow your data

Signup Forms
A signup form on your website is one of the easiest ways to grow your database. CharityeMail automatically generates the code you need to get a signup form on your website.

Data management

Contact Import
CharityeMail has everything you need to help keep your data secure, safe, private and legal. We know your online reputation is on the line – that’s why we help you take so much care of it.